When Jesus entered into Jerusalem, He chased the money lenders out of the Temple - then He posed this question:

"And as he taught them, he said, 'Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’?"

Mark 11:17

At LCMUC, we seek to answer Christ's challenge; to make His House a house of prayer for all nations. We wish to see not only worship in various languages, but also people from different cultures - who might not have a language specific service, feel free to come and share in the worship experience of our community!


‘We are called together to be evidence of God’s love breaking into the world’

This is our mission statement and it has three significant components:


1. We are called 'together' - our Vision is that no 'one' cultural expression dominate the worship space at LCMUC, rather that we have the freedom to worship our Lord in our culture and mother-tongue.


2. We are to be 'evidence of God's Love' - this means walking the path of righteousness and preaching the Gospel to all people!


3. We are 'breaking into the world' - as migrants and the children of migrants, we acknowledge that many in our community have much to learn about the society in which we live. But also, we acknowledge that our society has much to learn about us... and we believe we have a lot to give!


We not only hold our regular Worship Services, we are involved in developing Multicultural Ministry for the Logan Area. 

We do this by participating in the life of the Uniting Church in Australia, through the various councils of the Synod and the Presbytery of South Moreton. Also, through our engagement with Next Gen Arise! A Qld Synod worship initiative to reach the second-generation. Lastly, we are involved in advocacy and mission, locally through our various partners in the Uniting Church and other organisations in Logan; and nationally through the Samoan and Tongan National Conference, Youth events like NCYC and Yurora, and our support for UnitingWorld.


While we host Services and activities for the Samoan and Tongan communities at LCMUC; we are actually a single community - under the governance of a combined church council. This means all our events, logistics and finances are worked out collaboratively in a culturally safe space where everyone's voice can be heard. Additionally, we seek to create further safe spaces for children, youth and other cultural expressions that might like to call LCMUC home. As a community, we are always praying and reflecting on our mission and how we can best meet the needs of our local area as well as our people. Lastly, we seek to empower the next generation of christian leaders, actively engaging with programs such as Trinity College's Gap Year and the Period of Discernment, which equips and trains our young leaders for a life of Service.


Our minister is Rev. Esteban Liévano, a native of Argentina with a strong background in multicultural ministry - Esteban brings a missional outlook and unique cultural experience to our ministry at LCMUC.

Rdo. Esteban habla español y esta disponible para casamientos, bautizos y otros eventos comunitarios en español. Si quieres saber más, visite nuestra pagina 'Contact Us'

Rdo. Esteban tambem fala português e pode fazer casamentos, bautismos e otros eventos comunitarios em português. Se voçê quere saber mais, visite nossa pagina 'Contact Us'.

Go to our Sermons page to hear Rev. Esteban's sermons...

Along with our Minister, our community is led by members of the Church Council, Elders and the Leaders who are responsible for the different groups that call LCMUC their Spiritual home. Each community is also led by Elders, and our Multicultural Service hosts other cultural groups who are also led by Elders within that cultural framework.


All the leaders in our community work together with our Minister to equip our people, pastorally care for one another and encourage us in our Christian discipleship and evangelism. Below, you will find the leaders who are the responsible contact persons for each of our communities:


Willie Afeaki

Multicultural Service and Chair of Council 

Iuma Apelu

Samoan Community

Atunaisa Fe'au 

Tongan Community

George Foo-Chong &

Julia Munkas